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The London Fog Oxford 21 inch Upright bag is a fashionable piece of traveling equipment which may be used as a carry on for your convenience.

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The unique make of these bags is thanks to the woven Cardin Signature Jacquard Fabric that’s known for its premium feel and high quality.

It’s made out of sturdy 1800 Denier polyester and could expand up to 2.5 inches more in order to accommodate your heavy luggage. The interior of the bag is amply equipped with shoe pockets and a wet bag.

The outside pockets, on the other hand, give you much space for some last minute items. While looking at London Fog Oxford 21″ Upright Reviews in Amazon, this bag was given a high 4.3 out of 5 stars, which will tell you that this is an excellent product that’s in the top tier in the bag market


While still a great piece of luggage, the London Fog Oxford 21-inch Upright isn’t perfect. A reviewer gave it an average rating because of the zippers, which, he said, felt “sticky”. By sticky, he means that they’re not quite easy to use and much effort is to be used in order to open up the bag.

The stickiness gets worse around the corners too. This may be a problem for people who want to go through their stuff quickly. Other reviewers say that the base is too small to accommodate too much weight, so, as a consequence, the bag sometimes tips over. Such gives the bag a sense of improper balancing and may prove inconvenient when standing in queue.

The bag is also quite heavy even when empty, so if you have problems or issues lugging around heavy stuff, you might think twice before you make a purchase. It seems that the manufacturers sacrificed weight for durability and overall quality


Despite the things mentioned above, reviewers from Amazon found many things that could easily overshadow the negatives. Many reviewers contend that this is a very convenient piece of luggage as it fits in the overhead bin of most planes, making it a great carry-on as you travel.

Despite the fact that it’s a carry-on, you can still load a lot on the London Fog Oxford 21″ Upright. One reviewer stated that it can hold 2 suits, 2 button downs, a pair of shoes all without the danger of wrinkling.

Others loved the fact that it’s made out of great durable materials. The telescopic handle, although made out of plastic, feels sturdy enough for the heavy bag. This is complemented by a great set of wheels – just perfect for those people who are always on the go.

The extra pockets located both inside and outside the bag make owning it very satisfying and convenient at the same time.

Probably the best thing about the London Fog Oxford is its truly competitive price. Clean-up is a breeze as you can easily wipe it up with a damp cloth dribbled in mild detergent

The Conclusion

For all your business and travel needs, we do highly recommend purchasing the London Fog Oxford 21″ Upright Bag. This bag is the ideal companion for you if you’re looking for a carry-on that’s simply elegant.

Great design, ergonomics, useful features such as 2.5 inches additional expansion, interior shoe pockets, a wet bag, ample amount of outside pockets and a great price tag that will allow you to have it, probably even when you’re just in for a surprise 2-3 day trip.

If you’re looking for a quality companion that won’t burn through your wallet, the London Fog Oxford 21″ Upright Bag will satisfy your need

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Estás leyendo una opinión sobre equipaje de mano en inglés, sigue este enlace para leer este mismo artículo en Castellano.